March 29, 2016

CCBill Unwrapped: Cut through the Noise

The world has become a very loud place.

It seems that every company, every individual, every product is in your face with constant ads, relentless tweets, unceasing posts, and commercials playing every breathing second.  We see commercial ads playing at fuel pumping stations, local advertisements on shopping carts, pop-up ads when watching videos, post roll surveys asking for your feedback, we even endure ads when we PAY to see a movie in the theater. We are requested to add more to the noise and subscribe to email blasts, unsubscribe from emails, sign up for text messages, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, POST, POST, LIKE, BLOCK, SHARE, POST and so on!
How do we deal with all this clatter and chatter today? And as a business person, how do you cut through all the racket to get a buyer's attention?
Before the world of mobile and the onset of media savvy audiences, getting your ad message across used to be so much simpler. The old strategy of ‘put it out there and they will buy’ unfortunately no longer applies in this digital world.

The new strategy requires analysis, messaging, and need to be a bit clever. Smart, focused and specific can and does get audience attention. But before you come up with a message, you need to come up with an understanding of your buyer. You need to know how to get their attention and what they're interested in. And much of that depends on when they buy, where they are and from where they buy.

CCBill has a number of tools to allow you to drill down, open up, identify, and learn more about your target audience.
  • STOP GUESSING. We are all smart about so many aspects of our business, but buyers are changing fast. Knowing what and how they buy is sometimes opposite to common wisdom. CCBill’s A/B testing in FlexForms effortlessly empowers you to try as many different payment forms, different layouts and different offers using a quick drag-and-drop interface - and FlexForms automatically delivers those options to your buyers.  Learn which item gets their attention – and which one converts – and deal with the facts. Facts are good, when they make you more successful.
  •  ANALYSIS. Take a deep dive into your consumer base. With graphical and interactive reporting available for all merchants, FlexStats offers a dynamic view into your base. Drill down by transaction type, location, country, card types, credit vs. debit, even referred sales, to learn about your base, learn how they buy, learn when they buy, and learn what they buy. You can even predict how long they will stay with you.
  •  WHY DON’T THEY LIKE YOU? Knowing why one buyer cancels or expires is vital to knowing how to keep the others. CCBill captures data on cancellations and refunds that will tell you more about those parting members. Cut through the noise to bring them back with a specific reason to subscribe or buy again, such as an offer that is going to serve what they want or an offer that is something completely different. On the flip side: understand that people cancel or don’t renew for a reason. The price may be too high, they don’t remember paying for it, your content is not meeting their personal needs… or they just don’t like your stuff.  CCBill’s custom emails, cancellation offers and even our cross-sell options can get to the point and a better chance of giving them what they want.
  • THE TRUSTED NAME IN PROCESSING. The easiest thing you can do to get their attention is to have CCBill on your site. The CCBill name is connected with trust, security and privacy, and instantly removes hesitation in making that purchase on your site.
  • TARGET OFFERS. Be very specific with your bonus offers. Don’t be broad and encompassing with your message, because niche and specific messages cut through to their desires. And the average consumer does not trust vague offers. Show them what you are offering with visual promo banners, directly on the payment form – or after their purchase and capture more sales. Most buyers love seeing pictures more than reading text.
  • NAME YOUR PACKAGE. Be specific and be smart with naming what they are buying. CCBill custompricing descriptions work on all of our forms, and allow you to name a specific price point or package for your buyer…and across different accounts. Instead of ‘$29.95 for 30 days’, perhaps ‘$29.95 for Unlimited Access to the Best Content,’ will get them to click ‘Buy Now."
  • BUNDLE AND MAKE MORE: People need to see value in their purchase. Using custom descriptions and the power of the CCBill automated subscription system, try bundling your subscription offers into tiers. Name and offer a package, such as a ‘silver package’ and use CCBill to offer an upgrade to your ‘gold package.’
  • ACT FAST: CCBill automated real-time notifications can post back any consumer data that happens with your member directly to your system, CMS or MAT. Any changes in their status, upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, location, and so on – ALL this information is available to you instantly, as soon as the change happens. As an example, if you use a marketing automation tool or other email system, knowing their actions can trigger an immediate response from you. Our WebHooks system can notify you of any process, which can even help maximize social media tracking and posting.
Options, automation, intelligence. Isn't that what you're looking for to help reach the ideal audience? CCBill is a payment services platform designed to empower your ideas, without extensive implementation and cost.

Don't do it alone. That's the power of a resource like CCBill.

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