May 26, 2016

CCBill Announces New ACH Payouts for Merchants and Affiliates

Update: June 28th 2016

CCBill ACH Payouts will release with the July 11th weekly payout for merchants and affiliates who requested ACH Payout  and received confirmation from our Merchant Support Team that it is active in our system. 

Press Release: May 26th 2016

CCBill, a leading global payment services provider, today announced that early sign up is now available for their soon to release, additional weekly payout option, ACH Deposit, for their merchants and affiliates.   

As one of the only remaining industry payment providers catering to both merchants and their affiliates, CCBill adds ACH Deposit to their menu of traditional payout delivery options as another automated, dependable and secure way for their growing network of CCBill account holders to receive their weekly settlements.

“Taking transactions for our merchants is still our core business – and CCBill is renowned for on-time, reliable payouts of those funds to merchants and affiliates alike. Adding ACH Deposits now offers another quick and reliable option for our customers to get their money,” said Gary Jackson, managing vice president of sales for CCBill.  “While other providers are cutting back on options for merchant and affiliate payouts, we are excited to be expanding our business services for our partners.” 

Available in mid-June 2016, with ACH Deposit, CCBill will be able to deposit weekly sales payouts directly into the U.S.-based bank account of any of their merchants or affiliates.  Offering a lower transfer cost than FedEx or Wire transfers, by using ACH Deposit for their weekly payouts, CCBill merchants and affiliates can save hundreds of dollars annually.

To qualify for this new payout option, the CCBill account’s weekly sales payout must meet the following criteria:
  • USD currencies only
  • U.S. Dollar Based Bank Accounts only
  • U.S.-Based Banks only
  • Minimum Weekly Payout: $25.00
  • Maximum Weekly Payout Limit: $5,000.00 

CCBill encourages early sign up for this service, as there is a 3-4 business day processing timeframe, and demand is expected to be high.   To learn more about ACH Payouts, visit the Payouts area of the CCBill Merchant Knowledgebase or contact their 24/7 Merchant Support Team.