April 29, 2014

Billing Blindspots – Connections

Like LIKES Like.

Call it what you will, but niche, interests, community, market, and demographic are all ways to describe people that have similar tastes and desires. And this understanding of human nature and the need for connection can be a valuable tool to attract and expand your current audience – or keep it around for longer.

For instance, dating sites have moved beyond the vanilla ‘bring-them all together’ model into connection ‘science’, providing a forum which allows members to connect with compatible people on many levels. On a different scope, live cam sites and live interaction models provide a direct connection with a real person - virtually - through not only an immediate contact, but a new interaction with each and every session.

This tidal wave of instant messages, commentaries, opinions and interconnections opens up opportunities to connect your like-minded members to each other – or to other similar interests. So how do you take advantage of it all?

As your e-commerce partner, your payment platform should provide a variety of options to help monetize those added features, plus offer connections with other providers that can deliver the opportunity to integrate a new business model – maybe even with the single click of the mouse. Most processors don't make money unless you make money, so leverage the power of their knowledge to cultivate your connections.

·         Member lists - You already have access to your past and current membership list, not to mention some pretty solid information on the nature of your consumers. Would those members be interested in connecting with others or to an individual that interests them?

·         One-Click CROSS-SELLS with other merchants - Are there comparable dating sites with content that your base would be interested in or would your content be valuable to those dating sites with a simple click to purchase? CCBill’s one-click feature enables the easy connection for a seamless user purchase with most other sites using CCBill for payments.

·         One-Click UPGRADES for additional offers - The free-to-play model is growing quickly. Offering a free site with paid premium access to content or a community portal on your existing site are enabled easily with our one-click upgrade options.

·         Integrated white-label solutions – Most cam site providers and dating back-ends work with the leading payment processors to allow easy integration and access to a new revenue stream, which they have built and manage. CCBill has integrated with most of the top providers for simple one-click purchase to a brand new source of sales.

Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is an e-commerce platform built to help you do much more than process and manage memberships. By leveraging CCBill’s distinctive integrated providers and tools, you can grow your business model at a fraction of the development costs to keep up with the changing nature of online buyers.

CONNECT THEM WITH VALUE. Don’t know how to do any of these things? It’s okay. Contact our 24/7 Client Support Specialists for help getting started with any of our loads of exclusive features at clientsupport@ccbill.com.

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