April 29, 2014

Your CCBill Settings AT-A-GLANCE

With hundreds of different features and settings in one system, it can be hard to track all of the payment types, tools and money-making settings in our system - so, CCBill has created the first phase in a quick and easy settings page - called a Feature Summary.

With the merchant Feature Summary, you can view your overall account settings, information, and see what payment types are included with your account - as well as view your specific account options like Visa registration dates and regions, whether Smart forms are active, whether Regional Pricing is on or off - as well as dozens of other settings. And for merchants with a bunch of subaccounts and websites - you can drill down to the settings for each of your individual subaccounts. Plus, with most features, you can simply click next to the setting to modify that particular feature.

It may not seem ground breaking, but with a few hundred different features available for all 9,999 subaccounts on ONE CCBill account, you can do the math and realize that this can be a huge time-saver. We find that most clients only use about 28% of our features - which opens up opportunities for you to tune-up your system to make the most of your processing and affiliate system.

Simply login to your account - choose the Account Info tab, and click on Feature Summary...