April 29, 2014


Seems like we are ending the year with quite a few new features...CCBill just launched a simple update to an existing test system, but it has a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of the tool.

Test Transactions system allows you to run transactions on your account to prove the purchase flow for your members and buyers. It has been around for a while, but the tracking and reporting was good, but now, you can view your test transactions in a separate report - allowing you not only to see that your set-up is working, but also check on the information you are gathering on your members and buyers.

You can test different payment types, different forms, and different subaccounts for a complete snapshot of how your payments WILL be processed. All payment types, including credit card payments, online checks, EU Debit, and DirectPay EU - are tracked in full detail - to make sure that your system is working perfectly.

To view the applicable test transactions, login to your account, choose Reports > Credit/Check Transactions > and then from the “Options” drop-down menu, select the Test Transactions sub-heading. Another plus, is that no live transaction data will be included in the test reports.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact our technical team directly.