May 17, 2016

CCBill Stands by Morgan Sommer in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

When the lives of over 30 million people are threatened by a single virus, every effort at helping the world fight against it is a heroic act. This is why CCBill stands by Cybersocket Co-founder Morgan Sommer in his attempts to raise donations for helping people who live with HIV/AIDS on the upcoming AIDS/LifeCycle charitable ride through California.

“I love this ride.  I love the people that I know through the ride.  I love the training (most days). And I love what we accomplish as a community,” says Morgan on his participation page.  

For the sixth year in a row, CCBill donates to the cause to support the effort of our friend and help make a difference for individuals and communities directly affected by HIV/AIDS. In 2016, we are hoping to see Morgan reach his goal of raising $25,000 and amounting to $105,410 of support to the cause in total. We see Morgan’s participation in this yearly event as a way for us to actively participate in changing the world for the better. In an associated press release, CCBill’s Gary Jackson says:

“We believe that CCBill’s contribution to Morgan’s efforts is the least we can do to keep attention on the continued need for critical services for people impacted by HIV/AIDS.  AIDS is not over and events like AIDS/Lifecycle - with Morgan’s amazing commitment year after year - helps to keep attention on this vital issue, and supports providing direct help for those who need it most.” 

Morgan’s traditional AIDS/LifeCycle rides are an inspiring example of how we can jointly make a difference in our communities and help a greater cause. The 545 miles ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles takes seven days and certainly takes lots of training, effort and dedication. Yet it is all worth it considering the huge impact it has on communities around the world. This is why everyone should help in any way that they can. Morgan’s goal for this year is to raise $25,000 and we encourage our partners, peers and consumers to help him reach it by making a donation on Morgan’s page.

Let’s change lives together!