January 4, 2016

CCBill Unwrapped: Automated Money

For most businesses, they handle bookkeeping, payroll, payouts, and banking. They manage receivables, payables, reporting, and profit/loss. They take on the burden of dealing with tax preparation and tracking all year long and are required to stay up-to-date on regulatory issues.

So their value is undeniable. But let's be clear, a good accountant or decent accounting service is not generally cheap. As with any type of support service you may hire or contract for your business, those resources can have a direct impact on the success of your bottom line.

Since 1998, CCBill has quietly focused its integrity and systems on providing reliable, stable, but diverse accounting options for your business – all built into the CCBill platform and available to our merchants at no additional charges.

And quite frankly, the range of our services go largely unsung. Most people know about CCBill automated affiliate payouts, which are touted as one of the most reliable in the industry, but not many people know about the rest of the options that we have in the same reliable accounting section of our platform. Depending on your needs, CCBill can automate quite a lot of the financial and payables functions generally managed by live accountants or an expensive accounting system.

How do we do that?
  • AUTOMATED AFFILIATE PAYOUTS ANYWHERE: As mentioned, CCBill tracks all sales via the CCBill affiliate system, calculates your set revenue shares and distributes payouts automatically to your affiliates on a weekly basis. Anywhere the affiliates want their portion sent, we can accommodate.
  • AUTOMATED MERCHANT PAYOUTS ANYWHERE: CCBill has a variety of options such as payment thresholds, scheduled payments, account splits, account grouping, super accounts that provide an automated distribution of funds on schedule to the people that you want them to go to. Automated. And all under your control.
  • SPLIT PAYOUTS: CCBill can split your account settlement to any number of different bank accounts, business partners, joint-ownership, affiliates, or even employees. Once setup, it is all handled automatically by our system and accounting group. Even the delivery is automated on our side, so you do not need to process payments or manage splitting accounts manually. All you need to do is run a report and see who and when they are paid.
  • GROUPED PAYOUTS: Just like splitting, CCBill can group any series of accounts, or even a series of subaccounts on one account into specified payouts, which, again, are fully automated by our system. You set which websites or account to bundle and we deliver the right bundle of funds to whomever you choose.
  • REAL-TIME SALE NOTIFICATIONS: Our automated email notification system can be set to notify you immediately of a new sale, a new affiliate sale, or any cancellations. Plus you can notify an individual or a group of recipients automatically. Customize the information sent with custom email templates featuring dynamic fields to send   the info you want.
  • PRECISE SETTLEMENT: CCBill payouts or settlements can be set to be at a specific timeframe or at a certain balance threshold. Choose your minimum payout or choose monthly or quarterly payouts. Set it how you want to get your money.
  • EXPORT OR INTEGRATE: End of year reports are much easier with the ability to export reports in four different formats. But for companies with their own accounting software, CCBill has WebHooks push notifications for virtually any action related to a transactions or an affiliate – and our DataLink system can pull data when you want or need it.
  • FEE SPLITTING: Expert processing does come with a cost. But you can set how and who you want to pay the fees on your CCBill account down to a subaccount level – or you can split the fees with your affiliates or your partners automatically before you distribute the funds.
  • YEARS OF REPORTS: CCBill’s traditional reporting automatically provides you with any processing on your account going back to when you created the account and we started providing reporting. And in the graphical and interactive reporting of FlexStats, you can visually view up to four years of data in one view on our dynamic, interactive charts.
  • PAYONEER:  As part of our distributing funds anywhere, we can even distribute funds to the Payoneer bank directly to allow Payoneer to distribute funds to your affiliates.

Flexibility. Automation. Reliability. Isn't that what you're looking for in accounting system? CCBill is an e-commerce billing platform designed to expand your resources, without the added costs or loads of extra work.

Don't do it alone. That's the power of a resource like CCBill.
Don't know how to use these tools? Have a new project requiring some financial automation? Contact our 24/7 Merchant Support Specialists for help using any of our exclusive features at merchantsupport@ccbill.com.

Don't have an account with CCBill yet? Our sales associates at ccbill@ccbill.com can get you started using the proven resource in taking payments online. You can also call them directly at 855-4-CCBILL.