December 3, 2015

The Platform for Hot, Sexy and Profitable

The online web world has changed dramatically in the past few years, and we are excited to share the recognition of one of those companies who are making a difference, and are being noticed by the 16th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards. The Cybersocket Awards sets out to recognize industry contributions for both performance and production in the gay online adult market, as well as the industry leaders who contribute to the business-side of the house. We at CCBill want to showcase an industry leader, nominated for Best Live Cam Site, who is impacting live online entertainment in a big and sexy way, for men looking for instant connection.

Live entertainment, or live cam services have exploded in the past several years – as the desire for new content, as well as direct interaction with real people has changed the direction of the industry. Instant connection and direct communication with a performer has led to an explosion in the ability to offer more to the impatient and fussy viewer.

Flirt4Free has dominated the gay market with a top-notch platform, a seamless experience – not to mention the hottest product: their men.

As you look at the top nominees for Best Live Cam Site at the Cybersocket Awards, a big chunk of these nominees are using the Flirt4Free live cam platform. A number of video sites have partnered with Flirt4Free – for a reason – through CCBill’s Merchant Connect, which allows them - to easily expand their website offering with the addition of a slick, branded cam service. As part of the Merchant Connect network, if a site is interested in offering a live experience to their members, CCBill empowers an automated, one-click purchase option between Flirt4Free.

We congratulate our friends at Flirt4Free for providing a lucrative and stimulating option for site owners to make more sales from their existing members – and more. And we are proud to include Flirt4Free as part of the Merchant Connect network.

We encourage you to check out all the other CCBill clients at Cybersocket Web Awards for 2016, where CCBill is also honored to be nominated for five awards, including Best Billing Company and Best Webmaster Resource.

The Cybersocket Web Awards will be held in West Hollywood on January 12, 2016 - and is the premiere gay industry networking event, which is not to be missed.

 CCBill Flirt4Free