December 7, 2015

CCBill Unwrapped: Holiday Shopping Never Ends

 “He's making a list and checking it twice, he's gonna find out who's naughty and nice...”

Most of us know the song.  If we apply that rationale to your business plan – how is your planning for the end of the year holiday surge in sales? On which side will your end of year numbers end up?

Nearing two decades in online processing, historically at CCBill, the end of the year sales are always the top online sales weeks in our business for the entire year. Holiday ‘shopping’ for online entertainment in December is the busiest and most lucrative time of the year for our industry. Surfers, members, and buyers take some time off from work, may be traveling home and are bored with their families, have extra time on their hands, or want some digital company over the holidays. And every year, we see a surge in memberships, access, and cam time, generally across multiple sites.

So the question is whether you are prepped to take advantage of the shopping spree?

CCBill has a number of tools to help you prepare for the added traffic, added opportunity, and added volume, but also allow you to offer promotions and special offers to enhance your sale season even more.

BE READY FOR THE RUSH: Are your providers scalable to handle the added volume that comes with the holiday surge of users? Is your support staff ready to answer phones and address emails and offer live chat responses on Christmas Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or New Year's Eve? If not, the failure to handle additional volume could result in lost sales or chargebacks. CCBill fully staffs consumer and merchant support 24/7 including all holidaysto ensure that your buyers are taken care of – even while you are out counting down to New Year. 
  • DIRECT DISCOUNT: Give the gift of special promotions and special pricing discounts to your existing member subscriptions with our Direct Discount feature orits sister API function Discount API.Include a special offer in an email and give them a discount for referring customers. 
  • VISUAL PROMOS: Offer visual promos instantly at specific times with FlexForms instant promo function. Customize your payment forms for a holiday experience or for special promotion images as you need them and instantly publish them before the holiday rush. Are you ready for the surge  in support needs, customer service, or access help?
  • CUSTOM EMAILS: Our email receipts are fully customizable to include banners, designs or additional up sales once the sale has been made. Offer an alternate offer with a partner as an affiliate in the Cancel email, if they cancel over the holiday, to sell them something else. 
  • SMART PAYMENT FLOWS: Over the holidays, credit cards are maxed and if that card is declined, automatically offer an alternate payment option like an online check or SEPA debit to capture that sale when the credit limit is reached. 
  • CANCEL OFFERS: Some buyer’s credit is maxed, while some may be cleaning up credit card statements at the end of the year, which means they may decide to cancel. Ensure that you can entice them to stay with our built-in automated Cancellation Discount – or with a Custom Cancel Offer presented by our live billing support representatives when they call in. 
  • INSTANT FORMS UPDATES AND IMAGE CHANGING: With FlexForms, you can add holiday banners, add special offer banners, change colors and styles on your forms and put them live without changing your site. Make short term holiday special offers to capture sales – and easily remove the offer as soon as your offer has expired. 
If Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in retail markets, why not stay in the ‘Black’ for more of your business this year. Plan, promote, offer, and convert to help celebrate the holiday surge with success and end the year with a bang, so to speak.

But don't do it alone. That's the power of a resource like CCBill.  

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