April 29, 2014

Top 10 Billing Blindspots - #9

CCBill includes a full menu of customer touchpoints to help capture the interest of new visitors and members - and increase their page views, but the number of clients who tend to overlook these integrated tools in their marketing efforts, puts this Blindspot on our list at #9.

Could any of these ideas used by other clients - work for you?

·         With Timed Pop-Ups…provide auto-teasers to get their attention with branding, link to partner sites for referred sales, or even promote specific models from your site. Learn More >>

·         With Exit Pop-Ups…if a visitor is leaving your JOIN form, you can offer other options – or even a deal. Learn More >>

·         With Custom Emails…customize that automated email receipt with additional items to buy - or if they cancel their membership, offer something different and refer a sale to a partner. You cannot imagine how many cancellations come from customers bored with content. Learn More >>

·         With Built-In Promos…tie your payment forms to your promotions with special offers to capture more revenue. Learn More >>

·         With Cross-Sales…find a CCBill partner and join forces for bonus sites sales. Learn More >>

·         With Loyalty Discounts…offer discounts on their membership, if they stick with you for a few months. Learn More >>