April 29, 2014

Top 10 Billing Blindspots - #8

Trust can be the difference between a sale and a bounce.

In this era of scams and identity theft, how do you keep your potential members from hesitating when reaching for their credit card to join?

One proven solution is to provide your surfers with a clear, easy-to-access support page to help with their future questions – and demonstrate that your site and products are legitimate. Before they buy, consumers tend to look for what kind of help is available on your site – to make sure that IF they need it, they have someplace to question a charge, update their information, get help with their password, renew an expired subscription, etc.

Plus...providing a resource like this can minimize the time you spend on customer support, as well as reduce chargebacks from unhappy members.


·         Support Banners ▪ You can put a button for Billing Support on your site and directly link to CCBill’s Online Support Page at https://support.ccbill.com

·         Specific Task Buttons ▪ Provide direct links for your members for specific actions on the CCBill Support Page, like: Manage Your Account, Problems with Your Password?, or even Update Your Billing Info.

·         Create Your Own Page ▪ Build your own separate support page on your site and link to any of CCBill’s online support tools, and also direct them to our 24/7 live help.

·         Custom EmailsYes. We bring up this one again. Don’t forget that the receipt sent to your member is completely customizable – and a great place to include additional support options. Learn More >>

As part of CCBill’s total e-commerce package, we already offer 24/7 live support for your member’s subscription and purchase questions – plus we offer a complete online support site at
https://support.ccbill.com. Comfort is a terrific ‘side-effect’ of providing first-rate, visible support options - so those credit cards can be pulled from wallets without hesitation.