April 29, 2014

Top 10 Billing Blindspots - #7

more offers = more sales

In a market of sagging sales and jumpy customers, how do you keep your members buying? Not every surfer consumes your content the same way, and one effective way to extend the attention in your site, is to offer additional items for them to buy.

Sell the DVD for the video they just watched – with a single click. Offer toys and products associated with one of your popular models. Spread your brand by selling logo’d t-shirts or personal items.

With CCBill’s new Tangibles Program, you can now offer hard goods, linked products and tangible items alongside your digital content via your existing CCBill account – to help capture your member’s attention.

With CCBill, you can add our Original Affiliate System to the mix to promote sales, the same way you offer incentives for your digital content. And as a kicker, tangible sales on your CCBill account will apply to your overall processing volume discount.

But the program is only as successful if they buy - so make it easy to buy. One option is to simplify the experience by adding CCBill’s unique One-Click Purchase option. Empower your members to buy items instantly with a single click of the mouse – without hunting for their credit card again.