April 29, 2014

Top 10 Billing Blindspots - #5


Because it’s your money.

Why worry about whether your funds are making it to the right place at the right time - for the right amount? Managing the delivery and taking control of your cash lifeline just makes good business sense and puts this Blindspot on our list at #5.
CCBill has a menu of payment options to control the distribution, regularity and supervision of your all-important revenue. Using direct mail as our main, stable delivery method, CCBill leverages the strength of the postal service to get your funds to you and your affiliates on time, every week. Plus, clients and affiliates alike can choose wire transfer, which is the most trackable method to ensure funds transfer between banks, no matter where you live. And even better, CCBill NEVER charges a fee simply to initiate a payment to you – all you cover is the cost of the stamp or wire.
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