April 29, 2014

Top 10 Billing Blindspots - #4

THEIR TASTES: They buy what they like.

It’s simple. Your surfers join your site based on your promise to show them more of what made their pants tingle in the first place. Trouble is, many sites show images and videos for a specific hottie, but when those images or links are eagerly clicked to see more, visitors are often routed to a payment form with a generic pretty face – but usually not that perfect model that first caught their eye.

Top selling paysites lock in interest with pages and flow based on the user’s personal interest. If the visitor is fascinated by the blond and clicks to join, smart sites provide related content and include that same blond on the payment form. Smarter flow and connected content can help guide your users to their fantasy…and to your conversion.

CCBill has a number of features to help with this – from individual payment forms, to specific pop-ups, even custom redirects to specific directories after payment – all tied to the same CCBill account or subaccount. And that drives this Blindspot pretty high on our list at #4.

Once you determine how you want the surfer to flow, drop a line to our Client Support Specialists to help make it happen.