April 29, 2014

Top 10 Billing Blindspots - #1

Multiple Processors + Multiple Options = Multiple $$$

So many choices, so many options, so many paths for your visitors to buy from you – and there always seems to be a new alternative around the corner. Choose a business partner with the options to capture as much green as you can from a broad audience. The last Blindspot in our initial series is actually one of the easiest to fix, but can have the biggest bang.

Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, Africa – there are unique payment habits across the globe, but how you present the various offerings can make the difference between winning or calling your mom to see if you can have your old room back.

CCBill has a extensive menu of features and integrated partners to maximize choice:

ADDITIONAL PAYMENT TYPES - Seems like there is some new payment type available every time we blink, so make sure that you are covering your customer with all the ways they buy – credit card, debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, online checks, home telephone billing, European debit, mobile payments, direct invoicing – it’s pretty simple to add to your site’s choices.
ADDITIONAL/SECONDARY PROCESSORS - Not all processors are equal – different payment management from different sources - so adding additional payment options via diverse providers can rescue that troubled transaction that may have been declined, by offering a second try.
CASCADING PROCESSING - Worried about losing affiliates? The key online processors in our industry can link their affiliate systems to track referred sales handled by secondary processors. Ensure trust in your program, while still capturing the sale. CCBill offers a completely integrated cascading option, for virtually any provider that can work with your content.
ALTERNATE PAYMENT TYPES - Have you taken a look at your decline report lately? High declines can be an indicator that you need alternate payment types, regional alternatives, or even new funding methods. CCBill can include most any alternate provider into the flow for your user. And our Traffic Manager powers which types can lead the way for your buyers.
GLOBAL REACH - ‘International’ is not just about currencies – it is about comfort and trust, and anticipating the easy way for your viewers worldwide to buy. Smart forms sense location and provide the suitable currency, language and price – plus - preset pricing per region ensures a smooth currency transaction, without dropping your pants via erratic currency exchanges.
MULTIPLE SUBSCRIPTION LEVELS - Not everyone buys at the same price, joins for the same timeframe, or even wants the same access – with CCBill, you can offer multiple price points, but more importantly, allow your member to upgrade to the next level with a simple click.