April 29, 2014

Predicting the Future?

Fortune Telling is all about who you know and how you connect.

Who can tell what the future holds? Well, perhaps the Mirror or theEnquirer can tell us important peeks into the futures of celebrities – but that may not be quite as valuable to your business plans.

Think back TEN YEARS AGO: How many businesses anticipated that the explosion of mobile communications and devices would change the way we commune, connect, research… as well as purchase online? Who in the industry predicted that we would be able to download content, music, or video from anywhere with a single click? And from any device, even your television or your car?

And who would have guessed that the subscription model would resurge as a new and accepted way to access content in the new broader markets?

Odd are, some of your closest business partners likely projected the current state of the market.

Your connections, partners, vendors, wholesalers and specialists that you work with daily almost certainly had some insight into the trends, tricks and direction of their respective industries – well before they appeared in the public forefront.

Knowing this – how can you leverage this expertise to plan your future? Most of your business partners’ success is directly dependent on YOUR success – so they should want to help you grow your business in anyway that helps their business as well. Capturing this knowledge can be the key to unlocking opportunity and keeping ahead of the curve.

Your partners have professionals in their industries with the knowledge and concepts ready to help. As with CCBill, our sales executives, account managers, even our fraud analysts have insight into industry trends in buying online – and with one of the most recognizable brands in payment processing in CCBill, we have the consumer traffic and trust to back it up.

But…you need to ask.

Ask how their systems can support selling more.

Ask what the upcoming trends in consumer purchases are.

Ask what additional payment types are new and trending in the market.

Ask how you can improve your retention and throughput.

Ask how your site can optimize its flow.

Much more than a payment processor, CCBill is the leading payment choice for millions of consumers and affiliates alike. Leverage that expertise to make the most of your business and plan for a bright and prosperous future.

START THE CONVERSATION. Don’t know how to get started? It’s okay. Contact the proven leader in taking payments online and speak with our 24/7 Client Support Specialists or our Senior Sales Executives for help and advice from with how we can support your business goals at clientsupport@ccbill.com or ccbill@ccbill.com. You can also call them directly at 855-4-CCBILL.