April 29, 2014

On-the-Go CCBill Stats

CCBill reports and your billing statistics have always been accessible via mobile devices via mobile browsers, but April launched the beta version of the new CCBill Mobile Stats system which is optimized for mobile devices increasing reporting speed dramatically. With this service, you can quickly view all sales, rebills, refunds, check amounts, form hits, active members – while on the go and away from your PC or Mac – kinda like QuickStats in the Admin Portal.

Signing in to Mobile Stats is as easy as signing in on your browser – although it is in a different location.

Go to https://mobile.ccbill.com – Select Client or Affiliate from the drop-down menu, enter your Client ID or Affiliate ID as well as your username and password - then tap Sign In.

You can also remain signed in by tapping Keep Me Signed In. Doing so will automatically log you in to Mobile Stats the next time you visit (unless you sign out or do not use the service for a period of 30 days).

The new Mobile Stats system is the first piece running on CCBill’s new reporting engine, a completely new back-end engine which will dramatically speed up your access to the thousands of reports in CCBill’s e-commerce engine. Over the next few month's most of CCBill's reports will be migrating to this new system - providing quick access to your data to manage your business effectively.

If you have any questions about CCBill Mobile Stats during the beta period, contact beta@ccbill.com. If you would like to learn more, more information is available on our Client Support Center.