April 29, 2014

Notice Regarding Keeping Merchant Data Safe

You may have read or heard about the Heartbleed bug that has recently been in the news. As your trusted payment processing provider, we wanted to share with you some of our action plan regarding events like this, to help reassure you that your data is safe and to relieve any apprehensions you may have regarding Heartbleed.

The CCBill Information Security staff was fully aware of the Heartbleed issue upon its release and immediately began checking our infrastructure. Through these efforts, we have verified that we are not susceptible to this bug as we do not use the affected software. Furthermore, we have a number of additional safeguards in place to prevent any such attacks.

Should you have additional questions regarding this issue, feel free to contact our Support Team at 800-510-2859 if you are calling from the U.S. or Canada, or +855-588-3585 if calling from other locations.