April 29, 2014

New Pricing for Non-Adult Markets

Some exciting times at CCBill this fall…

As part of our direction to expand opportunities for the market for new sales and revenue streams, CCBill announces a series of new pricing bundles to support several growing online industries and markets. These bundles, designed to accommodate non-high-risk transaction processing, are now available for any new accounts, or new projects.   

What's New?

CCBill Complete, CCBill Date, CCBill Direct and CCBill Donate are designed to meet the needs of some rapidly growing markets that require reliable, trusted payment processing. With rates as low as 3.9% + $0.55 per transaction, these packages can help new businesses or projects secure a robust, yet simple processing solution. Plus, in the cases of CCBill Date and CCBill Direct, they can help merchants tap in to on some exploding market segments. And as you may have guessed, CCBill Donate focuses on the unique cost and automation needs of nonprofit organizations. 

Essentially, we configured the new bundles to apply to some differing scenarios within the non-high-risk space.

What's the Same?

Of course, our industry-leading high-risk processing service isn't going anywhere. Falling into the CCBill Blue umbrella, our award-winning solution will remain solidly at the forefront of the market. We've been leading the way for more than 15 years, and looking ahead to the next 15 ... and the 15 after that ... and the 15 after that. 

Where Can I Learn More?    

To find out some specifics about our new business solution bundles/pricing packages, and to see eligibility requirements for each, head on over to the Merchant section of our website. 

These new pricing packages, when paired with features like CCBill's established One-Click cross-sell network, automated subscriptions, and international payment footprint, can definitely help open the door to more opportunities for sales and revenue.  

Of course, you can always drop your sales executive a note - or drop us a line at ccbill@ccbill.com for more details.