April 29, 2014

New Payment Options for Germany and The Netherlands

The European market is a complex and expanding opportunity to reach new consumers. We have always believed that as a website, you need to consider a global reach, while maintaining a focus on the local consumer. Whether it is Regional Pricing tools to make empower local currencies, or smart geo-forms, we have worked to provide an educated way to reach more consumers.

And with that goal for our merchants - we have added two new payment types within the DirectPayEU feature set – GIROPay and iDEAL.
·         GIROPay is a widely used and preferred method of payment in Germany, It enables German consumers to make purchases through their own bank rather than with a credit card. As a recognized local payment option, merchants can reach a very targeted market with a payment method used by millions.
·         iDEAL works in the same manner, only it is for consumers in the Netherlands - and is very broadly accepted, making for a seamless, comfortable process for most any buyer in that country.
Essentially, these additional payment types can help you reach larger audiences on a local level. Both GIROPay and iDEAL support single pay transactions only, and are available to anyone that currently has the DirectPayEU activated.
And if you do not have DirectPayEU included on your site, contact our Client Support team directly at 800-510-2859 to help you set-up this chargeback-free payment type.