April 29, 2014

New Interface for CCBill

CCBill has a new Admin Portal interface design to make it easier to navigate and manage specific reports

The major improvement is in the new ‘Mega Menus’ design, with the ability to see more detail on a specific report on your account.
A couple of features to take a look at:
  • Favorites: One of the new features I use a lot, is the Favorites option in the Reports Menu. Simply select the report you want quick access to, and click the use often, and click the Green + sign. It will be added to your Favorites.
  • Forgot ID/Password: Password can be a pain with the PCI compliance controls we use with CCBill to protect your data – so we have a new Forgot ID/Password tool to assist with resetting passwords.
  • QuickLinks: Located in the upper right corner, you can now set an unlimited number of shortcuts to specific areas in the control panel – beyond Favorite
  • Reports – to specific topics. Click the little wrench to set-up.
Login today - and to learn more about the new user interface, download our User's Manual.