April 29, 2014

NEW: Interactive Data and Reporting from CCBill

As part of our continuing expansion of CCBill services for the next wave of online sales - CCBill has released the latest interactive reports for both merchants and their affiliates when they first log in to the CCBill Admin Portal.

The new Quick Stats view is now the first screen available to merchants and their affiliates after login to the CCBill Admin Portal and provides instantly available report includes interactive graphical formats for Merchant Transactions and Affiliate Transactions, depending on who is logging in.

There is a lot of data and good information here! Not only can you instantly view your stats and sales immediately, but instantly change the date ranges, filter by country, by transaction - even by card type - and see the trends of your traffic in one view.

We also launched the new Form Hits reports, which is vital data in tracking throughput and conversion on your payment forms - and build your business off of REAL numbers.

Let’s face it. Operating and managing an online business takes time and time is money, and immediate access to detailed payment stats supports smart business decisions about the bottom line for both the merchant and affiliate.

Check out the new reports by logging in today.