April 29, 2014

More Reports = Better Forecasting

More - more - more!

We've added more reports to our new FlexStats Reporting System! Two new report options, Scheduled Rebills and Cancellations, are now available on the current platform of transaction reports. These reports allow merchants to quickly and easily access an array of data and information to better evaluate both current and future trends.

Designed to showcase all subscriptions that are scheduled to rebill, the Scheduled Rebills report includes a multitude of features including a dynamic interface, time-frame specific quick stats and detailed breakdowns of Scheduled Rebills (payment types, region, currency, etc.). Whats cool about the changes in these reports is the ability to trend and see graphical data for timeframes. Nice way to look at the future at a glance...

Cancellation reports provide data pertaining to cancellations for merchant's accounts. Quick Stats information, along with other details such as income per cancellation, average number of times each cancellation was rebilled, graphing, snapshots and data conversions further assist in analyzing subscription data. 

As we continue to take steps to provide an interactive set of business intelligence support tools, we invite you to explore these new reports and begin taking advantage of the many benefits both will provide you with!

To learn more please feel free to contact our Merchant Support Team.

P.S. If you like the old Scheduled Rebills report, it can be accessed via the mobile version of our admin, MobileStats.