April 29, 2014

Desktop, Tablet, Ultrabook, Smart Phone, Smart TV - ANYWHERE

As part of our new initiatives this year at CCBill, we are very excited to announce some big updates to our payment and join forms in CCBill. While our forms have been 'smart' for years, sensing language and location of the buyer - we have added completely responsive design that automatically re-sizes to the window, no matter the device - providing the same experience to those using mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop devices from anywhere.

We have also streamlined the design for a clean, clear layout - highlighting what has been proven to promote trust in the transaction - that CCBill is your trusted payment provider. (pssst: These new updates are just a taste of what is coming in 2014 from CCBill, with the new FlexForms system.)

Features include:

  • A completely responsive design that auto-sizes to  any screen
  • An enhanced language selection functionality
  • The ability for merchants to apply forms to different payment types
  • A more intuitive and clean check-out process
  • Auto-sensing of browsers, language, and country/region
See an example of the redesigned forms here. 

I think what is most exciting is that our initial data in testing the forms shows a doubling of the form submission rate and a significant increase in completions

The new forms are available now in the CCBill Admin for all credit/debit/prepaid card types offered, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Delta, Visa Electron, Carte Bleu, Diner's Club, Maestro, Switch, bank debits, and online checks in the US, and our several European payment options including the new SEPA payments.