April 29, 2014

CCBill at ComicCon

CCBill was in attendance at ComicCon International on the bay in beautiful San Diego. And what a show! From comics to movies to virtually every fantasy world, the show was an interesting mix of consumers and business people. Not to mention the occasional gladiator strutting between the booths.

Who knew that the gay market in comics was so large and well connected? And who knew that the new Batwoman liked girls?? We were fortunate to sit in on one of the panels for comics in the GLBT market, and it was populated by such players as Marvel, DC Comics, Legendary Comics (part of Legendary Pictures) Archie Comics, as well as some of the leaders in industry artists.

The event was hosted by Prism Comics, a nonprofit organization that supports gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) comics, creators, and readers - and the panel provided some interesting insight into the growing role of the gay market in the overall comic world.

We were fortunate to meet some terrific business people and talented artists, plus we managed to get some fun photos with aspiring superheros in San Diego…

A very fun show.