April 29, 2014

Billing BlindSpots - One-Clicks

Sometimes the obvious stares us in the face, and yet we do not see it. Most of us shop and pay online ourselves, but don't look at our own habits when WE buy. When we buy, do we like to hunt for our credit card to pay online? Are we making our members do it more than once?

Don’t lose your users’ web attention. Instead, give them the chance to upgrade to an extended membership – or even premium access – with a single click.

Plus, with one-clicks, you can spot your returning customers and allow them to add that extra DVD, video clip or hard good without reentering their payment information. Give power to your members to buy items instantly with a single touch – without leaving your site to go hunt for their credit card again.

By incorporating CCBill’s distinctive one-click purchase option, you can boost your member retention, as well as provide more purchasing options to those customers you worked so hard to win in the first place.

Don’t have one-clicks set up yet and wonder how you can add it to your site?
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