April 29, 2014

Billing Blindspots - On Second Thought...

A cancellation or expiration can be a new beginning and a path to alternate sales

No matter how good your content is, or how hot your site is – it’s inevitable: members leave. People leave your site for as many reasons as there are individuals. While some buyers leave because of the price, some cancel because they don’t like the content, and some are just plain bored. Admitting that they leave is the first step to making more money.
More than just a processor, CCBill is an e-commerce platform, which includes a menu of tools to help capture more from that buyer even as they are leaving your fold.
  • Cancellation Discounts – provide a promotional discount when your member looks to cancel and potentially retain that subscription longer. A discounted subscription is better than no subscription in many cases. The member may still leave at a later date, but perhaps you can still keep them around for a month or two more.
  • Custom Email Templates – automate the process and offer a compelling message with a custom response directly to your buyer. Automatically send an email upon cancellation, as well as when a membership expires, or even provide options with their emailed receipt. Cancellation and Expiration Emails are the perfect spot to offer an alternate website or membership – and even refer business to one of your affiliated partners for a bit of revenue sharing.Again, they may go elsewhere, but perhaps you can still get a piece of that business in the form of a revshare.
  • Notifications of Cancellations and Expirations – the CCBill system can carbon-copy any email address when someone leaves their membership and provide an opening to contact that departing member. We have seen tremendous success in retention when a website reaches out directly to the cancelling buyer with another offer.
  • Email Lists – your customer and membership base is exactly that – YOURS – and you have access to all the non-credit card information that your members used to join in the first place. Your entire membership base can be filtered and downloaded in four different formats to be used in other marketing efforts to contact lost business.
KEEP THEM AROUND A LITTLE BIT LONGER. Don’t have emails customized or know how to do any of these things? Contact our 24/7 Client Support Team for help getting started with any of our loads of exclusive features at clientsupport@ccbill.com.