April 29, 2014

As an Arizona business, CCBill joins the call to veto SB1062

During our 15+ years in business, we have watched legislation around the world impact individual civil rights – both online and in the real world, and when we see legislative attempts in our own backyard which damage civil rights progress, as well as have a potential impact on our business, we have to speak up.

We have respectfully joined other business leaders asking the Governor of Arizona, the honorable Jan Brewer, to veto the Senate Bill 1062, and to make a clear and definitive public statement that Arizona values all of its citizens and warmly welcomes all of its visitors.

As a global online business, CCBill relies on objectivity, as well as policies which support open business in order to thrive. Already, mass and social media have spread the message that Arizona’s legislature sanctions business discrimination against certain individual and groups. This is contradictory to the Arizona we know and love, and contradictory to what we see as a requirement of fairness and equality to do business in a global and local market.
As CCBill has matured as a business, we take pride is our business culture and belief in working with any business or any customer without regard to race, religion, ability or sexual orientation.  We support the right to the free exercise of religion, but that right must not encroach on the dignity and well-being of others as they seek participation in open commerce and in open society.

We stand in wait for our governor to make the right decision.